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Are You Over-Loading Your To Do List?

As much as possible, I try and be intentional with my time. Something I teach, particularly when it comes to marketing, is to schedule time in your day for it and guard that time with your life. Nothing short of a natural disaster or some other type of major emergency should keep you from that time each day.

Being organized is something else I teach, and often talk about how I use software like Nimble to help me stay organized. It keeps my database sorted out. It reminds me when it’s time to reach out to keep. It helps me keep track of what I’ve got going on with regards to auditions and projects.

Obviously, I also use tools like Apple Calendar and Reminders for helping me stay on top of my week.

Are You Over-Loading Your To Do List?

Once upon a time, I used to be a huge fan of throwing as many items into my Reminders app as possible for each day. I felt like it was a way of keeping me accountable to getting done what needed to be done. It also gave me the opportunity to celebrate small victories through the day as I would check off each item.

While there’s a certain level of logic that thought process, there was also an expected consequence.

It made me feel overwhelmed.

Waking up in the morning to 20, 30 and even more To-Do’s had me feeling nearly defeated before the day even got started. “How will I get all of this stuff done today,” I’d ask myself?

Then, when I didn’t get it all done, I’d be discouraged. That’s not good either!

Productivity won’t ride on the heels of discouragement, stress or defeat!

To solve this problem, I had to get much more selective and intentional about what tasks actually made the list each day/week.

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.” Sunday night at my local coffee shop with my journal and my laptop, working on my goals for the upcoming week.

A New Way To Do “To Do”

My new strategy involves setting about 3-5 weekly goals for myself. Some of them are specific to my week. Some of them may be part of larger monthly or yearly goals for my voice over business, that require being broken down into bite sized chunks.

My task list is then made up based on those 3-5 goals.

This has been a huge win for me. I’m still getting things done. I can still cross items off daily, that give me those small wins for motivation. I’m nowhere near as bogged down with an overloaded list. All the while, I’m also working towards important goals that matter.

Success doesn’t happen by accident. It happens by planning and this might be just the approach you need to take for your voice over business.

Your Challenge For The Week

Think of three things you want to accomplish this week. Break those three goals down into action items for a daily task list. Work away at them one by one, while also keeping focussed on the overall achievement you’re aiming for.

You might surprise yourself with how this can improve not only you results, but your attitude and drive as well!

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