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Are You Holding Yourself Back?

Don't Hold Yourself Back - Climb Aboard - Fire TruckI’m a Volunteer Firefighter. I have been for over 12 years now. It’s one of my proudest accomplishments. Being a Professional Voice Talent and working from home makes it even better. I’m always around to make the calls and do all the other fun stuff.

Fun stuff like school tours.

Today a couple classes from one of the local schools were going around town on an “Amazing Race” type adventure. One of their destinations was the fire hall. Little kids and fire trucks. Awesome! It takes me right back to my childhood. I watch the excitement wash over their faces and I remember exactly what it felt like.

As part of the tour we open up all the trucks for them to sit in and explore. We talk to them about the equipment, answer all their questions and we even let them ring the bell or blow the air horn.

I noticed something interesting today. Despite the fact that all the doors to the truck were open and I was standing at the drivers door waiting to help kids in, many of them wouldn’t just climb in. They’d look in the drivers door. Stare up at the big wheel. Imagine themselves climbing up there. But so many of them were too timid to do it.

The invitation had been extended. There was nothing keeping them from climbing in the drivers seat of the fire truck. Nothing but themselves. Was it fear? Uncertainty? What was keeping them from climbing inside when the door was wide open?

That got me to thinking about voice-over work.

Have you ever looked at an audition opportunity and told yourself you weren’t good enough?

Have you worked small budget jobs your entire career because you were too afraid to try and step up to the next level?

Did an agent or client invite you to an opportunity and you turned it down because of a lack of confidence?

The door to the fire truck was wide open. I was standing right there giving them permission to climb inside. They just needed to grab hold of the chance. The same could be said for you and your voice-over career. The opportunities are out there. The jobs exist.

Don’t hold yourself back. Climb aboard!