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Are You Giving Everything?

When a client thanks me for doing a great job, I’m appreciative. After all, I strive to provide exceptional service to all of my clients. I believe they deserve nothing less.

When a client follows up their thank you with, “we’ve worked with other voice actors that just don’t put in the effort,” that makes me sad. Sad for this profession. Sad for the business as a whole.

everything-youve-gotWhy are people not giving their full effort?

I understand we all have an off day from time to time. But to consistently just do enough to get by? To me, that’s unacceptable. In this business. In any business.

If you have any pride in yourself at all, if you have any pride in your industry, you give 100%. Always.

If you’re not giving it everything, you don’t deserve it.

Maybe that’s why some people get stuck at a certain level of success.

If you have any pride in yourself, you give 100%. Always. Click to Tweet