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Abundantly Blessed To Be Living My Dream

Yesterday I had a meeting at the bank. One of those annual check-up appointments where you sit down with someone smarter about finances than you and let them help you figure out if you’re maximizing your hard earned money in the right accounts, right investments, and such.

That conversation lasted roughly three minutes. The meeting, on the other hand, lasted well over an hour. In fact, they had to throw me out because the bank had closed while we chatted!

What Do You Do?

marc scott voice overThat’s the question that starts it every time. In the grocery store. Crossing the border into America. Sitting in a meeting at the bank. “What do you do?”

“I do voice over?”

“That sounds interesting, tell me more about it.”

From that one question, those four simple words, a conversation unfolds that takes the listener on a journey. That tells the story of how I once was a man working in radio, happy enough about my job, but not fully satisfied with my life. A man who wanted more, but wasn’t quite sure how to get it. Then… he found it!

Living The Dream

As I explain to people what exactly it is that I do day in and day out, inevitably, I end up sharing with them (with a big goofy grin on my face) that I’m living the dream. Honestly, that’s how I feel!

With the lady at the bank, I talked about the joys of being my own boss. Of setting my own hours. Of the freedom and flexibility that the voice over lifestyle can provide. I spoke of the adventures I’ve taken. The amazing clients I’ve had the privilege of working with.

I found myself sitting up a little straighter in my chair. Smiling a little brighter. Literally, joy was welling in my heart as I shared the story. As I shared my living dream.

Giving Thanks

After leaving the bank, I was walking down the street and had to take a moment to pray a prayer of thanks. Each time I get to tell my voice over story I’m reminded once again of how abundantly blessed I am. Of how God has allowed me the opportunity to do what I do for a living and enjoy all the blessings that come with it.

Each time I get to tell my voice over story I’m reminded once again of how abundantly blessed I am.

I also think about one person in particular. A person who picked me up during some dark days after getting downsized from radio. Who supported me. Encouraged me. Loved me. A person who believed in me. When every person in my circle was telling me to get “a real job”, this person was saying, “If you want to do voice over, do voice over! I believe in you.”

Without this person, I would have gone back to radio. I would have likely taken the first gig that came my way. Instead, because she believed in me, because she challenged me and encouraged me, today I’m living my dream.

Thanks to God and thanks to Jackie, I’m living my dream.

May you too, be so abundantly blessed in your life to have the opportunity to one day tell the story of living your dream!

FOR COMMENT: Are you living your dream or working your way towards it?