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A YouTube Channel Tip

I have a YouTube channel that I use to post various videos related to my voice over business. I post video demos, I post projects I’ve worked on. I post commercials that I create to promote my business.

As far as a marketing tool goes, you can’t ask for something much better than a free YouTube channel. Consider this, it’s not just a place to post videos. It’s also one of the biggest and most popular search engines on the web!

Don’t Do This

youtube-buttonBack in the early days of my YouTube channel, I didn’t think about separating business from pleasure. That meant that when I shot a video of myself sucking a back helium from a balloon and making a fool of myself at a family reunion, it was right there with all my demos!

Probably not the smartest idea.

Hard to take a guy who claims to be professional serious when he’s talking in a helium voice!

Business and Pleasure

The lesson I learned in this was in order to keep my business professional and my personal stuff strange and fun and family oriented, I needed to create an entirely separate YouTube channel.

Once that was done, I moved everything that wasn’t directly related to my voice over business off my voice over channel. Think of it as cleaning the clutter. From that point forward, when my clients and prospective clients clicked onto my channel they’d only find things useful in helping them understand me, my style, my delivery, my professionalism and my quality.

YouTube channels are free, so setting up a personal channel and a professional channel won’t cost you a dime. In fact, I’d venture to say that not dividing the two sets of videos could be what costs you money in the long run! 

QUESTION: Do you post personal videos on your professional YouTube channel?