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A New Season; A New Hope

Being Canadian, I’m used to winter. I can handle winter. Or at least, put up with winter. I don’t like snow. I don’t like cold. I cope because it’s just part of the deal. Hey, at least we don’t have earthquakes or tsunamis or hurricanes. A little snow and cold for a few months doesn’t seem so bad by comparison, right?

This week, finally, for the first time in a very long time the temperature has begun to creep above 0C. That’s 32F for my American friends. We’ve endured a long hard February filled with absurd windchill values that I think may have even caused Polar Bears to migrate! I’m talking -40C which, I believe is also -40F!


It’s Tuesday evening. 11:34pm. I’m sitting in my recliner,  next to my patio door. It’s 3C (37F). My patio door is open so I can listen to the sound of melting snow.

There’s a lot of snow in my backyard. A lot.

Or at least, there was. Until the thaw started.

A New Season; A New Hope

I know that right now, some of you guys are struggling. You’ve got a desire. A passion. But things just aren’t working out the way you hoped. You can’t find the work. You can’t get the gigs. The bank account is running low. Or on empty.

It’s a hard, scary, discouraging and intimidating place to be. I know. I’ve been there.

What I was reminded of this evening, however, is that seasons change. Last week there was ice and snow and cold and it felt like winter was never going to end.

This week, there’s sun and warmth and I’m listening to the snow melt.

A new season. A new hope.

Hang in there. Your breakthrough is just around the corner.