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A Demo For All Seasons

Show of hands… who was ready for September?

Yeah. None of us. That’s what I thought. Is it just me, or did summer come and go exceptionally fast? That sounds so cliche, but seriously. Blink. Of. An.Eye!

Now that we’re into September it’s time to start thinking about what lies ahead. Specifically, a few major holidays.

The Big Three

happy-halloween-haunted-houseChristmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween. Or, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, if you prefer them chronologically. These are three of the biggest holidays in the calendar year and they’re coming. Quickly!

Are you ready yet?

Last month I wrote a post titled, “Back To School, Halloween and Christmas: Is Your Voice Over Business Ready?” That was about preparing some of your marketing strategies to grab a piece of the pie. Start drafting emails, blog posts, post cards, or whatever other techniques you use to reach out to your clients and let them know you’re ready to meet their needs.

A Demo For All Seasons

In addition to those marketing strategies, which are key, there’s one other area we can all address for the big three.

Custom demos.

You have a recording studio. You have audio editing software. You have the capacity to produce custom demos for each of the holidays based on your scope of work. That is to say, based on the areas you specialize in.

Here’s a piece I produced last year.

It took me a couple hours and I was able to share it throughout my social networks. It resulted in work, which means it was time well spent.

I created this to go along with it.

Get Creative. Get Creating.

Putting together relevant custom demos can be a pretty easy task that pays great dividends. Once your demos are created, showcase them throughout your social network, embed them in email signatures and send them to specific clients.

  • How much fun could you have with a Halloween demo if you do characters?
  • How many of your clients will run spots for holiday promotions and sales?
  • How many of your clients will update their phone systems with seasonal hours?
  • How about a custom demo of Christmas story narrations?
  • Thanksgiving and football go hand in hand. Got a sports announcer demo?

Putting together relevant custom demos can be a pretty easy task that pays great dividends.

Not only will it let your clients, a prospective clients, know you’re ready for the holidays, but it might remind them, or prompt them, to start working on projects of their own!

Be proactive! Buying yourself that dream Christmas gift depends on it! 😉

QUESTION: Do you create custom demos for the holidays? Do they work for you?