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6 Great Twitter Lists For Voiceover

Twitter ListsIt’s said that if you want to be a better writer you need to write more. Based on that logic, it goes without saying that if you’d like to be a better reader you need to read more. As Voice Talent’s we certainly need to be good readers!

Another great little piece of advice is to be a lifelong learner. When you stop learning you’ll stop getting better. I don’t ever want to stop getting better.

With these pearls of wisdom in mind, I offer the reading and learning power of Twitter. What an amazing pool of resources. Most of them free! Spend time reading news about the industry. Enjoy blogs from your fellow colleagues filled with ideas, advice, tips and tricks. Learn. Grow. Develop.

Social media isn’t a waste of time. Social media is a tool. If you harness it, a very powerful tool!

Here are a few of my favourite Twitter lists that I follow daily. If you use Flipboard I’d suggest adding them to your account. It’s a great way to browse the lists and quickly pick out the best content. Check out my blog Keeping Up With Twitter Via Flipboard for instructions on how to do that.

Twitter Lists For Voiceover

VoiceOverists by Dave Courvoisier – View It

Voiceover by Dave Courvoisier – View It

VO Peeps by Anne Ganguzza – View It

Voiceover_Peeps by Tim Keenan – View It

VoiceOverists by Paul J. Warwick – View It

Voiceover by Joe Nagle – View It