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5 Ways To Get Top Of Mind With Voice Over Clients

If I ask you to define, “marketing your voice over business,” what would you say?

The majority immediately think about the process of finding new clients. Be it through email, cold calls, social media, advertising campaigns, post cards or other engagement and awareness strategies.

You’re not wrong. But there’s more to it.

It’s so easy to get caught up thinking about how to market ourselves to new clients, that sometimes we forget about reaching out to the clients we already have!

Another common mistake I often hear of talent making, is using the same strategies and messages to market to existing clients as they do when they’re reaching out to leads. That’s gotta change.

Your clients already know you’re a voice talent. Which means, you don’t need to constantly remind them of this fact. It also means you don’t need to constantly be pitching to them for a sale. When it comes to marketing to your existing clients, your message needs to be more about staying top of mind and nurturing a relationship.

5 Ways To Get Top Of Mind With Voice Over Clients

top-of-mind1) Send a Postcard: I’m talking about an actual, snail mail postcard. Write them a quick two or three sentence note. You know, with a pen! 😉 Thank them for opportunities. Wish them Merry Christmas. Simply say, “Hi, how are you doing?” I’ve had a lot of positive results from this old school technique.

2) Send a Newsletter: This summer I had some great pictures of me recording voice overs in various places, such as the backseat of a Ford Fusion on the side of the Interstate and in a couple great pillow forts in hotel rooms. I used those photos in an email blast to my clients. All I said in the text was, “I tell you I’ll be here if you need me, this proves it’s true!” I received incredible response from that email. No selling. Just fun, personal connection.

3) Like Them: Most of your clients probably have Facebook Pages. Like them. Then engage with them. This does NOT mean leaving wall posts and comments about your voice over services. This means when they share something great, leave a genuine comment that has nothing to do with your services. Just connect.

4) Link Them: I’m connected with many of my clients on LinkedIn. It’s a professional network, after all. It also opens doors for engagement opportunities. Is one of your clients celebrating a work anniversary? Make sure you leave a comment congratulating them on the accomplishment and wishing them many successful years to come.

5) Write Them: Sometimes a client I haven’t worked with in a while will randomly pop into my head. I’ll take that as a sign to reconnect with a quick and simple email. How are you doing? How was your summer? How was your vacation? How’s business? Based on your relationship level, I’m sure you can piece together a sentence or two that let’s them know you were thinking of them.

Pay Attention To Your Message

As we work to nurture leads, obviously the end game is to convince them our services can add value to their project. We’re trying to make a sale. They know that. They’re going to expect to hear about what we offer.

Clients are a different story. The already know all of that. They don’t need to be sold. Just valued and appreciated. Create your messaging accordingly.

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