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5 Tips For Your YouTube Video Voice Over Demos

I’m a big fan of taking advantage of every option out there to promote my voice over demos. It just so happens that YouTube is one of the nets biggest search engines. If you’re not using it, you’re missing out. Big time!

More and more I see talent creating video demos to publish to the site, and I think that’s fantastic. They don’t need to be fancy. They just need to be effective.

5 Tips For YouTube Voice Over Video Demos

1) Brand Consistency: This is a really big deal. You want to make sure your videos are consistent with your online presence. That means keeping consistency with your web site and your other social networks as well. Use the same colours, the same head shot, the same logo, the same font. Everything needs to tie together.

youtube2) Tag Well: One of the great features of YouTube is the ability to tag. When you do it, do it well. Tag your videos like crazy. Everything you think is relevant. As a bonus tip, if you have a name with multiple spellings tag the video with each of them. My name is Marc Scott but people searching for me often spell my name Mark Scott. So I tag my videos both ways.

3) Create A Playlist: If you’re using YouTube to post all kinds of videos, then you need to create a playlist exclusive to your demos. This way, when you’re promoting your video demos or sending links to clients, they can find them all in one place. No searching through other stuff on your channel that may not be relevant. My link –

4) Don’t Monetize: I know this might be hard to hear, but I strongly advise against monetizing your video demos. Here’s why… there’s a very good chance, especially if you tag your demos well, that the ads that display over your demos will be for other voice actors or voice casting sites. One click and you just gave work away.

Monetizing your video demos could actually send voice over work to other talent! Click To Tweet

5) Description Link: The very first thing in your description should be a link to your web site or landing page. Write a great description. Load it up with keywords, but absolutely include the link first. That way it’s guaranteed to be displayed when somebody clicks onto your video page.

Promote Yourself

You don’t need to be a video producer or creative genius to create a video demo. You just need some software (Windows Movie Maker will do), a little bit of time, and the willingness to learn something fun and new.

With that, your voice over demos will instantly become available to the tens of millions of people who are searching YouTube on a daily basis!

For Comment: Do you have video demos? Got any additional tips?