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5 Tips For Voice Talent Bios On Twitter

Who Are You? Voice Talent Bios on TwitterI’m always looking for new people to follow on Twitter. On account of the fact that Twitter is such a great networking tool, and an amazing resource for learning when used properly, I’m often looking for people in a specific group. Namely, voiceover.

I want to follow people who are like-minded. People who are in this business with me. Who share tips, tricks, ideas, suggestions and successes. People who have done it longer than me, people who are starting out and people who are doing it better than me. I don’t just want to play on Twitter. I want to learn.

As I daily continue with my quest to find new great follows, I’ve noticed something. A lot of people don’t actually mention voiceover or the fact that they’re a Voice Talent in their Twitter bio. This is pretty surprising to me. I can understand this, perhaps, if you’re using Twitter exclusively for personal use. But if it’s part of your business strategy, you need to re-evaluate what’s in your bio if Voice Talent or voiceover isn’t.

5 Tips For A Better Twitter Bio

1. Make It Count: You have 160 characters in your bio to make your first impression. We all know we never get a second chance at that. What does your 160 character bio currently tell me about you? Does it tell me you’re a Voice Talent? A producer? Or does it tell me a joke or inspirational quote that are meaningless to me and any potential clients?

2. Include Keywords: Twitter is a search tool. Both via the site itself and search engines. That means that keywords matter. Voice Talent / Voiceover / VO are all examples of keywords that should be in your bio.

3. Show Me Your Smile: Is your face a microphone? Or soundboard? A headset? I know there is a long raging debate about whether or not Voice Actors should be heard but not seen or both seen and heard. On Twitter, you need to be seen. Along with your bio, post a photo. Of you. Include your face. 😉

4. Use a real location: Canada or America or Earth is not really going to cut the mustard here. What if a client is looking for a local Voice Talent and you live in their city? If you have the proper keywords in your bio and an actual city in your location it could lead to more work and more networking opportunities.

5. Use Your Full URL: Include the full link to your web site in the site section of your bio. Don’t use a shortened URL. This is one place where Twitter gives you a free form of publicity for your site without forcing a shortened (or other) short URL upon you. Take advantage of it. Remember, this is about first impressions. If I don’t know you and your bio link is shortened, I’m less likely to trust it upfront.

Tell Me About Yourself. Your likes, dislikes and such!

When I click your name on a Follow Friday recommendation or because I saw you on a Twitter List or however else I may come across you, what will my first impression be? Will I know you’re a Voice Talent or somehow connected to the voiceover industry? If I don’t, nobody else will either. That could be costing you work and recognition.

Do I follow you? Do you have any great follows to recommend? Please post them in the comments below. You can follow me as well. @MarcScott