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5 Things You Need To Be Doing Between Christmas and New Year’s

Generally speaking, there’s not a lot happening in the voice over world between Christmas and New Year’s. Many companies just take the week off to relax and unwind.

That means for many of us, we’re just sitting around not entirely sure what to do with ourselves other than binge watch the latest season of whatever (The Crown – Guilty!) on Netflix.

Take advantage of this downtime to get caught up on all the other “stuff” you’ve been putting off. All those tasks that took a back seat while you were busy booking and recording and auditioning and such.

5 Things You Need To Be Doing Between Christmas and New Year’s

  1. Invoices: Are all your invoices up to date? Have you sent reminders to any clients with outstanding balances? “Hey [Client], just trying to wrap up my books before the New Year. Thank you for taking care of invoice [0001] for me. I appreciate it. Looking forward to working together again in 2018!”
  2. Bookkeeping: That giant pile of receipts and expenses you haven’t inputted yet… yeah… time to input them… [he says while looking at himself in the mirror…] Get that task complete, and make a goal to stay more on top of them in 2018.
  3. Profile Updates: When is the last time you updated your social media profiles? Is everything current? Do you have any new clients you can add to LinkedIn (or connect with on LinkedIn). Is your bio current? Relevant? Are you using the same picture everywhere? Is it up to date?
  4. Housekeeping: Out with the old and make way for the new. When’s the last time to you deep cleaned your office / studio? Emptied out your desk drawers? Vacuumed? Dusted? Mopped? Ran a diffuser with some oils or a Scentsy pot? You’re office space will impact your work and productivity. It’s time to start it fresh for the new year!
  5. Goals: Now is the time to create them. Write them down. Set deadlines. Don’t go into the new year without a clear plan for where you want to end up next December. Goals keep you focused, on task and give you something to aim for.

It’s ok to take some time off. It’s important! Just make sure you’re not wasting it all away.

Crossing those tasks you’ve been putting off is going to jumpstart your new year with a lot motivation and a great sense of accomplishment!