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5 Things I Learned At VoiceWorld Toronto 2013

This weekend I had the opportunity to venture down the highway (via train) to the big city of Toronto for the VoiceWorld Toronto 2013 Conference, presented by

toronto-blue-jaysFriday night I walked around the city, which is beautiful at night. I took in a Toronto Blue Jays game, which was a little less beautiful (they lost). I also enjoyed Toronto street meat, the best you’ll find anywhere!

Saturday was all about the conference. About investing in my voice over career, learning as much as I could, and making new friends and connections.

For those that weren’t able to attend, I wanted to share a few things from my notes.

5 Things I Learned At VoiceWorld Toronto

1) Get an app demo: The voice over market for apps is huge. One of the fastest growing categories. If you want to work in this genre, get a custom demo created specifically for the category. This tip courtesy of David Goldberg of @EdgeStudio

2) The future is mobile, global and fast: Everything online related to your brand needs to be mobile friendly. There are no borders in the online marketplace. Be prepared to work with clients around the world. More and more, people want things done yesterday. The quicker you reply and deliver, the better off you’ll be. This tip courtesy of @DavidCiccarelli of

stephanie-ciccarelli-voiceworld-toronto3) You don’t need to spend thousands on your home studio: All to often people get into the business and start buying the most expensive microphones and equipment and remodelling their homes to build fancy studios. It’s not necessary. A closet can work just as effectively! This tip courtesy of Dan Lenard (Home Studio Master)

4) Be objective; know your limits: You may want to be a voice over jack-of-all-trades, but odds are, it won’t work for you. Be objective about your voice and your skillset. Know your limits. Being realistic about these two things and directing your efforts accordingly is the path to success. This tip courtesy of @StephCiccarelli of

5) Best doesn’t always book: Sometimes being the best doesn’t book the job. Sometimes being different is what sets you apart and grabs the clients attention. When you’re looking at a script try a take that wouldn’t be the typical read. It could be the winner! This tip courtesy of Pat Fraley (Man of 4000 voices)

Honourable Mention
“PC’s just suck!” ~ Dan Lenard
Possibly my favourite quote from the weekend! 🙂

Thank You To

I really enjoyed the conference and I’m really glad I forced myself to step out of my introverted comfort zone and attend!

I’d like to extend my sincerest thanks and gratitude to all of the amazing staff at for putting on a great event. I hope it’s the first of many more to come!

PS: Want more? I’ll share 5 more things I learned later this week!

QUESTION: Did you attend VoiceWorld or Faff Camp? Share something you learned in the comments.