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5 Reasons Your Brand Needs An Explainer Video

Explainer Video VoiceoverYou’ve created a product. A service. Or a business. You know what you’ve created is great and you’re convinced that all of humanity, or at least the percentage in your target demographic, will benefit from whatever you’ve got to offer.

You just need to tell them.

Viral Dreams

We all dream of creating a piece of viral content. The YouTube video that gets shared by millions and garners you a prime feature on CNN or the Today Show. The 140 character tweet that takes the Twitterverse by storm and generates hundreds or even thousands of RT’s. The blog post that is considered so beneficial that every person that reads it spreads it throughout their social network.

It’s good to have a dream.

For a couple of years now infographics have been a very popular trend among brands as a way to promote what they offer. They’re visually creative, easy to understand and typically interesting. All of these factors combined make them shareable. Content worth sharing is content more likely to go viral.

Content worth sharing is content more likely to go viral.

As cool as infographics are they have one major flaw. They’re static. They can’t talk or sing or dance. They can’t really tell you anything either. At least, not without you taking the time to read it.

That’s why you need an explainer video.

Video is dynamic. In a world of instant gratification and short attention spans an explainer video can be exactly the ticket you need to cashing in on customer interest. Unlike an infographic which requires them to read along and process the information, a well produced explainer video will do all that for them!

5 Reasons You Need An Explainer Video

1) They Entertain: People love to watch videos. Don’t believe me? According to YouTube over 4 billion… yes… that’s with a B… are watched each month. People love to be entertained and video does that. It does it with creative concepts, music that hooks, well written scripts and professional voice over.

2) They’re Shareable: Viral videos. We’ve all watched them and shared them. Think about this week alone. How many videos have been shared on your Facebook wall? On your Twitter stream? In your email inbox? Wouldn’t you like to get that kind of exposure for your brand? Create something people can share and make it worth sharing, and they will!

3) They Explain: How do you make sure that you can give your personal brand pitch to every person that hears about your brand? Do it in a video. An infographic can’t really speak for you. A well produced video can. Explain to those watching exactly what you’re offering, what your service is, what your brand can do for them.

4) They’re Dynamic: An infographic is just that. A graphic. Static. Don’t get me wrong, they can be wonderfully creative and often are, but they’re still just a static image. That can be a lot to take in for a generation with smartphone attention spans! Video moves. Music flows. Voice over speaks. The entire experience is dynamic. Each transition can peak the viewers interest again.

5) They’re Actionable: A good product, service or business needs to do one thing to succeed. It needs to solve a problem. So what is it that you can do for your customer? Show them that and how they can make it happen and you are far more likely to convert a viewer into a customer.

Take Your Infographic To The Next Level: Video

If you’ve already created an infographic for your brand, or you have conceptualized one, you’re already half way to creating a great explainer video. According to several different sources, the ROI for an explainer video ranges between 70-80%. Well worth the investment wouldn’t you say?

If you’re ready to start working on an explainer video for your brand I’d be willing to help you along the way. I’ve worked with several great production houses in the past and I’d be happy to connect you. Just send me a note to and let me know what I can do to help you.

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