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5 Free Ways to Deliver Your Audio

Remember the good old days when voice over recordings were done on reel-to-reel tapes?

Not old enough for that?

How about when you had to burn CD’s and take them to the Post Office?

Still not old enough?

Ok, so these days files are delivered digitally, fast and more often than not… free!

Even FTP, which is what I used for many, many years is becoming a thing of the past.

So just how do you deliver audio to your clients when the files are too big for email?

5 Free Ways to Deliver Your Audio

Dropbox – My main system for regular clients. I create shared folders so clients have easy and permanent access. Delivery is literally as simple as dragging from the folder on my computer to the folder in Dropbox. Done! A basic (free) account comes with 2GB of space. You can get more space when you refer people and they sign up. I have over 8GB now.

WeTransfer – This is my second favorite service. I mostly use this for one off jobs. Ones that aren’t worth setting up a Dropbox folder for. Or, if I just need to send something to someone quickly. Particularly when I’m on the road and not at my main studio computer. With the free service you can send up to 2GB of data.

HighTail – Formerly know as YouSendIt, HighTail works the same as WeTransfer. It’s a great back up solution to WeTransfer. With a free account you can send up to 250MB of data and it’s stored for 7 days on their server. In other words, your client has 7 days to download it.

DropSend – Need to send a monster file? A large eLearning project? HD video? Maybe a monster audiobook recording? DropSend allows you to send up to 4GB of data with a free account. You can do 5 of these transfers per month.

MediaFire – Similar to Dropbox, only it allows a lot more storage for free. You receive 10GB of storage with a basic account. If you connect your social media accounts they’ll give you an extra 40GB of storage! This could also be a really great solution for doing file backups.

Looking for free and easy solutions for delivering #voiceover recordings? Check out this list! #vopreneur
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No matter what service you use, make sure you’ve got at least a couple different accounts. That way you’ve always got a backup plan in the event of a system outage or some other issue. It does happen!