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5 Easy Steps To A Happy Client

Happy ClientsIn my experience, happy clients are repeat clients.

Repeat clients generate referred clients.

Referred clients become new clients.

Then the circle starts again.

The vast majority of my voice work comes from repeat clients and many of those repeat clients have referred me to other people who have become new clients. Those new clients come back too. I know the circle works!

It all starts with a happy client. Here’s 5 simple things you can do to get those.

1) When you agree to a deadline don’t just meet it… beat it! Your client has given you a deadline because they have a deadline. I don’t know many people that want to finish at deadline. I know people who like to get done ahead of schedule. Help your client finish ahead of schedule and they’ll be happy.

2) When a client asks for a small fix, a quick change or a slight tweak… do it! I don’t like to nickel and dime my clients. I like to provide them with great service. If one of them needs something simple fixed in a voice-over, I fix it. No hassle. Just do it and they’ll be happy.

3) If a client emails you, reply. If they call you, return it… fast. Checking email and voicemail a few times a day seems to be a trendy new practice that’s supposed to improve productivity. All I see it doing is annoying people. You expect fast responses. Why wouldn’t you offer the same? Don’t make clients wait. Reply as soon as conveniently possible and they’ll be happy.

4) Don’t question or argue with the client. Yes, I’m a Professional Voice Talent. Yes, I’ve been doing this for 17 years. Yes, I know a thing or two about delivering a script. However, it may be my voice, but it’s THEIR project. If they want it read a certain way, do it. You can offer a suggestion but just remember if they say no that you’re the hired voice and it’s your job to do what they ask. Do it and they’ll be happy.

5) Promote them. When I finish a project I always ask the client for a copy to use for demo purposes. If they agree I always post it on my web site with a link back to them. I also promote the project and the client throughout my social network. You don’t need to go overboard, but a few free plugs will make them happy.

All five are these are things you can easily do with little effort and no cost. But these few little things can go a long way to establishing a great reputation for yourself and a great relationship with your clients.

Have you got any tips of things you do? Share them below.