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4 Criteria For Giving Up On A Lead

“Never throw away a lead.”

I teach this over and over and over in my courses and coaching. Just because you don’t get an answer the first time you reach out, or even the second time you reach out, does that mean you give up?

Not only no. HECK NO!

I’ve told stories of leads I’ve pursed for as much as three years before I ever booked a voice over with them. Was it worth it? You bet!

That said, people do still ask if there’s ever a time when you should give up on a lead. There are a few criteria where I consider it acceptable to move on. After all, you don’t want to waste your time on a pursuit that will never produce fruit!

4 Criteria For Giving Up On A Lead

They specially ask you to.
From time to time, this will happen. For one reason or another, and sometimes more or less politely than others, a lead will ask you to no longer contact them. This is NOT the time for one final pitch. It’s a time to apologize for any inconvenience, thank them for their time, and let them know you’ll no longer contact them.

All Their Social Profiles Are Outdated
If you jump onto their Facebook page and it hasn’t been updated since 2014, that could be a red flag. If you search their Twitter profile and it looks the same… another red flag. Sometimes companies close. Merge with other companies. Change names. If there hasn’t been new posts in a year or two, it’s probably ok to move on.

Their Website / Portfolio Hasn’t Been Updated
Similar to social media, when is the last time their portfolio has been updated? If it’s been a year or two, it’s possible they’re no longer active. Double check their Vimeo and YouTube channels to see if there’s any recent activity. If you find nothing, go ahead and move on.

Their Pricing Isn’t In Line With Your Rates
If a company posts pricing on their website, check the rates. If they’re cranking out 90 second videos for $499, do you suppose their going to spend $250 on a professional voice over? Unlikely! Don’t even bother reaching out. If they don’t share pricing, but you get a negative response to your rates, it’s time to move on!

Never give up on a lead unless you have a justifiable reason.
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Move On; But Don’t Delete

If you’re using a CRM (like Nimble) don’t delete the contact from your database. Instead, mark them as a “Dead Lead.

Why? If you remove them from your database entirely, you run the risk of forgetting about it. A year from now, when you’re searching for new leads, you may inadvertently add them back and reach out again.

If they remain in your database as “Dead” you can save yourself the time and embarrassment.