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3 Steps To Something Big

We love formulas. Not specially math formulas. Though, I’m friends with a few matheletes who love those too.

I’m talking about life formulas. All you need to do is stand in the checkout line for two minutes reading headlines…

5 steps to this…

10 ways to that…

8 how to’s for…

Formulas. It’s all formulas. This + that = winning.

With that in mind, I present to you the formula I’ve used on my own voice over and entrepreneurial journey.

3 Steps To Something Big

Dreams lead to ideas.

Ideas lead to action.

Action leads to results.

Pretty stellar formula isn’t it?

Dreams lead to ideas. Ideas lead to action. Action leads to results. Click to Tweet

People love overcomplicating things. People also refuse to believe anything can be simple. Truth is, it’s not all rocket science.

Want to know how most successful people become successful?

They follow through!

What have you been dreaming about? What ideas do you have you can take action on? Any action? Even small action? Here’s the thing, in most cases, once you get that ball rolling, momentum will carry you through the rest!

Just get started.

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