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3 More Voice Over Resources You Should Be Using Daily

Yesterday I shared 3 voice over resources that I suggest you use daily. I do.

It’s amazing how much free information is floating around out there in cyberspace if you’re willing to go find it. Information from credible sources, too. From voice actors who are actually making a living in the voice over business.

Today I’ve got a few more resources that I hit up daily. Here they are…

Voice Over Xtra

voice over xtraThis site is to voice over what CNN is to news. What Google is to search. What YouTube is to video. If you’re a working voice talent, if you want to be a working voice talent, or if you have any connection in any capacity to the voice over business, John Florian’s site should be one of your daily stops. News articles. Amazing blog posts. Great interviews. Information about training and coaching. You name it, it’s on Voice Over Xtra (@VoiceOverXtra). There’s always something new to read and learn.


Voice Over Plaza

direct voicesThis site, by Direct Voices, is really great blog for voice actors to visit. The posts are often very helpful when it comes to putting your business together. They cover a wide range of topics from rates, to tips and tricks, to home studio and all points in between. I find many of the posts to always contain some nugget or another that I can walk away with. In addition to visiting the site, I’d also suggest you follow them on Twitter (@DirectVoices).


Voice Over Biz Pages

Voice Over Biz Pages on FacebookIf you caught yesterday’s post you’re already familiar with Derek Chappell (@DerekChappell). Not only has Derek put together the most comprehensive list of voice over blogs on the Internet, he’s also put together a link of Voice Talent Facebook Pages. This list is something you can subscribe to. It will appear in your Facebook News Feed. It’s also a list you can click on and see everything that has been posted by talent on a given day. Many talent offer tips, advice, blog posts and more. So take advantage of their free advice!


QUESTION: Do you know of a really great voice over resource? Share it in the comments.