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14 Hours With The Roosevelts

I’m a bit of a documentary nerd. Particularly biographical, historical and social documentaries. When I Netflix binge, it’s not old TV’s shows. It’s Ken Burns PBS specials.

My most recent binge, a 14 hour documentary series on Theodore, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt. It was amazing. Fourteen hours well spent.

One of the reasons I love reading biographies is because, to me, it’s the equivalent of having a virtual mentor. Reading about successful people, learning about how they live (or lived), teaches me a ton about what it takes for me to succeed in my own life and business. Watching biographical documentaries is the same.

You can learn A LOT by studying the Roosevelt’s! Three absolutely amazing, inspiring people who changed the world they lived in.

As I watched, there was one particular quote that stuck with me.

“It takes as much energy to wish it, as it does to plan.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Think about that.

We’ve all got dreams. Goals. Things we want to do. Places we want to go. Accomplishments we want to achieve. We also all have the same 24 hours each day in which to do our best to bring these things to pass.

That’s where many fail. By exerting all their energy wishing, rather than planning.

I’m inspired. Are you inspired?

What are you going to plan today?

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